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FinnvedenBulten AB (publ)

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Our business in brief

FinnvedenBulten develops and manages industrial businesses, offering products, technical solutions and systems in metallic materials. The Group operates as a business partner to international customers in the engineering industry, primarily automotive.


FinnvedenBulten is structured into two divisions – Bulten and Finnveden Metal Structures – both with strong positions in their respective customer segments. Customers are mainly found in the automotive and engineering industries in Europe, Asia and the US. Production primarily takes place in Europe, with considerable low-cost production in Poland. The Group also has a modern, growing fasteners unit in China.  

Division Bulten

BultenDivision Bulten develops and manufactures fasteners for the global automotive industry. Bulten is one of the few players in Europe offering complete responsibility throughout the whole value chain for fasteners from product development to final delivery to the customer. Fasteners are an important components in the manufacture of passenger cars and commercial vehicles and demand is primarily controlled by production in the automotive industry.

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Division Finnveden Metal Structures

Finnveden Metal StructuresDivision Finnveden Metal Structures manufactures products in steel, magnesium and aluminium or combinations of these materials. The principal manufacturing processes are stamping, die casting and assembly. The components include interior, chassis and body components for the automotive industry and also customised components for general industry.

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FinnvedenBulten’s strategy is to continue the development of Bulten and Finnveden Metal Structures to realise the full potential in both divisions. Growth opportunities are favourable as both Bulten and Finnveden Metal Structures are well-positioned for continued profitable organic growth. Read more about our strategy. 



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The FinnvedenBulten head office, where the CEO office and Group staff functions are based, is located in Gothenburg. The business is operated in the two divisions Finnveden Metal Structures and Bulten. FinnvedenBulten has some 1,600 employees in total. Read more about our organization.


Chairman of the Board and President and CEO
Roger Holtback is Chairman of the Board. Johan Westman is President and Chief Executive Officer of FinnvedenBulten since 2009. Read more about the Executive Management and the Board.



The Company has been listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since May 20, 2011. About the share.